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#NAMA is MediaNama‘s digital thought leadership conference, that brings together decision makers in digital companies for discussions on the future of the digital ecosystem in India. We focus on conversations on topic that matter, with people who matter.

Details: 28th June 2013, 9.15 am to 6pm, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.

Focus: 2013 is the year that digital goods will get seeded in the Indian market. The availability of content and opening up of the payments ecosystem will aid the evolution of buyer behavior, and the download and purchase of digital media content, and maybe even a virtual goods economy. How this ecosystem around digital goods has to be built is what we want at the core of our discussions – and discussions are the core of the #NAMA conference.

#NAMA seeks to shed light on challenges and uncertainties, what market leaders are doing about it, and point towards opportunities through deep, insightful and meaningful discussions and sharing of experiences.

Our format involves a Q&A with people who matter.

Expected participant profile:
- Media companies, content owners and aggregators
- Telecom Operators
- Platform service providers
- Online marketplaces
- Tech solution providers for content
- Payment and advertising firms

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