Durga Raghunath, CEO. FirstPost

Durga is at the cutting edge of online journalism, having been a part of the team that conceptualized and launched FirstPost, after leadership stints at both the Wall Street Journal India and Mint (for Livemint.com), and brings with her in depth understanding of what works and what doesn’t for news organizations in a medium that combines the best of all media – text, audio and video – and adds that one key element that sets it apart from all other forms of media – reader / consumer response, and she comes with a fine sense of products, journalism and business.



Neeraj Roy, M.D & CEO, Hungama Digital

Neeraj has been instrumental in the creation of the digital music business in India, and under him, Hungama has leveraged its catalogue of music to build relationships across telecom operators and online businesses – trying everything from rightback tones, music downloads, online streaming, among other things, and also expanding Hungama’s portfolio to include Video, Games and Applications. But – in our mind – it is still about music – and if there is one man who knows how to navigate the complicated world of music labels, it is Neeraj. We want to talk to him about where this industry is headed, what Hungama plans to do, and that overarching question – what do labels want (apart from money)?


Rajjat Barjatya, MD & CEO, Rajshri Media

Rajjat is a pioneer in the online video business in India, having released Vivah on Rajshri.com back in 2006, built a destination site with digital content, initially monetizing only with international advertising, then doing made-for-mobile content, and eventually building one of the largest YouTube channels in the world. He’s produced content, syndicated content, done pay-to-download, pay-to-rent, international advertising driven, India advertising driven, mobile subscription, a destination site, YouTube Channels, as well as some live streaming. He is connecting old-media and new media, and it’s not been easy.

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