Update: #NAMA2 Postponed

We regret to announce the postponement of #NAMA2, which as to be held next Friday (June 28th 2013), largely due to the monsoons that have hit Mumbai: we did not want to take the risk of the event being rained out: it wouldn’t have been fair to attendees who had paid to attend the event, to great speakers who have given us some of their valuable time (and agreed to subject themselves to our Q&A), and to sponsors who have supported us. We’re also taking a hit (financially) with the event being postponed (hotels, yeah), but in the interest of prudence for a bootstrapped venture, we suspect it could have been much worse if we went ahead with it right now. It hasn’t been an easy decision…the last three days were tough, and I’m thankful for the many people who offered their views before this decision was made.

We’re thankful to our confirmed speakers – Durga Raghunath, Neeraj Roy, Rajjat Barjatya, Surya Mantha and Rishi Jaitley for agreeing to participate, and we hope to have you there when we finally do this.

We set high standards for #NAMA and have been working very hard to bring an exceptional event to Mumbai, and it was particularly tough because the overall market is down, and finding sponsors is difficult when you don’t offer a speaker slot to a sponsor as a policy. In that context, we’re extremely thankful for the no-strings-attached-support offered to us by YouTube and The Ant Farm.

We’re also thankful to our partners in Explara and Sparklin, and the wonderful support offered to us by TiE Mumbai.

We also thank those who have confirmed participation at the event, and hope to meet them at a future event. A full refund will be made to everyone who has purchased tickets to NAMA2. Please contact Sarita Pacheco at sarita@medianama.com for details on how to get a refund.

In case you’re a vendor, please get in touch with Sarita@medianama.com for getting your dues cleared.

We will update once we have figured out when we can do #NAMA2 in Mumbai (it’s difficult…we tried in Jan and March this year without success. Space gets booked out much in advance).

I’m in Mumbai this week, the entire week, as planned, and with a little more free time than I had planned (and hoped) for. In case you want to meet to (despite the rain), I’m at nikhil@medianama.com

Thanks for your support,

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#NAMA Speakers: Neeraj Roy, MD & CEO, Hungama Digital Media

Neeraj Roy (2)
We’re pleased to announce that Neeraj Roy, MD & CEO of Hungama Digital Media, will be joining us as a speaker at #NAMA2, our second #NAMA Conference, being held on June 28th 2013 at The ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.

Neeraj has been instrumental in the creation of the digital music business in India, and under him, Hungama has leveraged its catalogue of music to build relationships across telecom operators and online businesses – trying everything from rightback tones, music downloads, online streaming, among other things, and also expanding Hungama’s portfolio to include Video, Games and Applications. But – in our mind – it is still about music – and if there is one man who knows how to navigate the complicated world of music labels, it is Neeraj. We want to talk to him about where this industry is headed, what Hungama plans to do, and that overarching question – what do labels want (apart from money)?

Submit questions for Neeraj here

Early bird tickets are now available. To Book Tickets, go here. To sponsor, contact Nikhil Pahwa at nikhil@medianama.com / +91-98103-10053

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#NAMA2 Speakers: Durga Raghunath, CEO, FirstPost

durga-raghunath-firstpostWe’re pleased to announce Durga Raghunath, CEO of FirstPost.com (appointed a couple of days ago), as a speaker at #NAMA2, our second #NAMA Conference, being held on June 28th 2013 at The ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.

Durga is at the cutting edge of online journalism, having been a part of the team that conceptualized and launched FirstPost, after leadership stints at both the Wall Street Journal India and Mint (for Livemint.com), and brings with her in depth understanding of what works and what doesn’t for news organizations in a medium that combines the best of all media – text, audio and video – and adds that one key element that sets it apart from all other forms of media – reader / consumer response, and she comes with a fine sense of products, journalism and business.

Submit questions for Durga here

Early bird tickets for #NAMA2 are now available. To book tickets, go here. To sponsor, contact Nikhil Pahwa at nikhil@medianama.com / +91-98103-10053

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#NAMA2 Speakers: Rajjat Barjatya, MD & CEO, Rajshri Media

rajjat barjatya founder md and ceo rajshri media
We’re pleased to announce Rajjat Barjatya, MD & CEO, Rajshri Media as a speaker at our second #NAMA Conference, being held on June 28th 2013 at The ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.

Rajjat is a pioneer in the online video business in India, having released Vivah on Rajshri.com back in 2006, built a destination site with digital content, initially monetizing only with international advertising, then doing made-for-mobile content, and eventually building one of the largest YouTube channels in the world. He’s produced content, syndicated content, done pay-to-download, pay-to-rent, international advertising driven, India advertising driven, mobile subscription, a destination site, YouTube Channels, as well as some live streaming. He is connecting old-media and new media, and it’s not been easy.

Submit questions for Rajjat here

Early bird tickets are now available. To book tickets, go here. To sponsor, contact Nikhil Pahwa at nikhil@medianama.com / +91-98103-10053

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Save The Date: #NAMA2 in Mumbai on June 28th 2013, ITC Grand Central

Update: Can’t believe I forgot to mention this, but MediaNama turns 5 years old on June 27th. Makes this conference all the more special for us. :)

Earlier: We’re really excited to announce that the second edition of our #NAMA conference will be held in Mumbai on the 28th of June 2013. Mumbai is important to us – it’s a city that has at its core the media and content business that constitutes so much of what we focus on: content in the form of music, movies, news and sports, its licensing and distribution, as well as its monetization via advertising and payments. Last year we’d done a deep-dive discussion on the monetization of video content in partnership with Ooyala, and ever since then, we’ve wanted to expand that discussion to other content.

Setting the context

It is our belief that 2013-14 is the year that digital goods will get seeded in the Indian market, and with time, the availability of content and opening up of the payments ecosystem (and hopefully, making payments easier) will allow for an evolution of buyer behavior, and the download and purchase of digital media content, and maybe even a virtual goods economy. The signs are there – it began with Infibeam’s ebooks initiative, Flipkart’s launch of digital music on Flyte and Google launching movies and books. Though there are those who say that Indians will not pay for anything when there are free options, there is no doubt that there are people in India who are buying apps. How this ecosystem around digital goods has to be built is what we want at the core of our discussion.

Remember that #NAMA is a conference for the audience – for those who are attending. Our objective is to do a deep dive into issues and opportunities in a fast changing digital ecosystem in India, and provide you with valuable insight that you can use to help you make better decisions. For this, we’re looking for speakers who’ve not just been there and done that, but also at the helm of driving change, so we can understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. At #NAMA1 in October, we had deep, insightful and meaningful discussions, sharing of experiences, and what was most heartening, was high quality audience participation.

Helping with Business

The #NAMA Conference is also one for opening channels of communications between stakeholders and getting people who are interested in working together in the same room: the session we did with the UIDAI and payment companies at #NAMA1 in October was particularly useful, we were told, for both the UIDAI and those who attended. In case you are interested in workshops and/or closed door sessions discussing means of working together with a select group of people, we’d be glad to facilitate those.

Fun & The Format

#NAMA1 was great fun (especially the stress ball fights), and we want to continue that tradition: we want people to be informal, and in case you have any ideas on how we can improve upon the last time, do let us know.

The session format will largely remain the same: one moderator and a maximum of two speakers is a format that we think led to some excellent discussions, and we want to continue with that. We will increase the time for each session, because, invariably, we found that there were more things to discuss than we had allocated time for. In case you’d like to help define how #NAMA2 should be, please feel free to contact me (Nikhil Pahwa).

If you’d like to work with us on #NAMA2, here’s who to contact:

  • Sponsorship: Nikhil Pahwa or Sarita Pacheco (sarita@medianama.com / +91-80954-84478
  • Speakers: Nikhil Pahwa
  • Workshops/Sessions: Sarita Pacheco
  • Partnerships / Vendors: Sarita Pacheco
  • Volunteering / Ideas / Fun: Nikhil Pahwa

Contact details:

  • Nikhil Pahwa: nikhil@medianama.com / +91-98103-10053
  • Sarita Pacheco: sarita@medianama.com / +91-80954-84478

P.s.: Like the last time, this is an initial announcement. We’re got very little finalized, and the website should be up and running soon.

About #NAMA1

The first edition of #NAMA was held in Delhi on October 10th 2012, and an audience of around 250 people: 62% of them CXO’s or Founders, 30% business heads. Our format is essentially a fireside chat with one or two CXOs or change agents for about 25-30 minutes, followed by an audience interaction.

#NAMA featured detailed discussions with those working to transform the digital ecosystem in India, and had a mix of speakers from old and new businesses, from across digital, media and telecom, including:

- Nandan Nilekani, Chairman of the UIDAI, on how Aadhaar can work with the digital industry, in conversation with GSF Founder Rajesh Sawhney
- Satyan Gajwani, CEO of Times Internet on how he’s transforming Times Internet into a product company, in conversation with Nikhil Pahwa (MediaNAma)
- Jonathan Bill, Head of Innovation at Vodafone and Mouli Raman, CEO of Onmobile, on changes in the mobile VAS ecosystem and how they’re dealing with them, in conversation with Kunal Bajaj, founder SocWorx
- Tushar Vyas (GroupM) and Mahesh Murthy (Pinstorm) on the changing face of digital advertising in India, in conversation with Sandeep Amar, (then CMO of Times Internet)
- Vijay Nair and Shreyas Srinivasan of Only Much Louder on building the next generation music business in conversation with Kushan Mitra (Pioneer)
- Binny Bansal, COO of Flipkart and Sundeep Malhotra, CEO of HomeShop18, on the state of e-commerce in India in conversation with Gautam Gandhi (Google)
- Paras Chopra (Wingify) and Girish M (Freshdesk) on building global internet services businesses out of India, in conversation with Dev Khare (Lightspeed Venture Partners)
- S Sivakumar, CEO of ITC E-Choupal on the real story behind digital and rural in India, in conversation with Kushan Mitra (Pioneer)
- Vijay Shekhar Sharma, MD of One97 Communications on building a consumer facing Mobile Internet business in conversation with Nikhil Pahwa (MediaNama)

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